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Project Description
CMS/Portal system developed with ASPNET MVC 2.0, NHibernate, JQuery, etc.

Model/idea is based on the Cuyahoga Project CMS

The main feautures are.
* Unlimited amount of hierarchical pages
* Template based pages.
* Search engine friendly urls.
* WYSIWYG content editor.
* In page module(content) editing.
* Drag & drop functionality for the layout of an page(only dropable in the placeholders)
* Role based authorization, view and edit
* Rich user experience because of the use of JQuery
* Database independent because of the use of NHibernate
* It currently runs under medium trust!

And it's completely written with ASP.NET MVC

To create an database look in 'jscportal\JSC.Portal.Core\Db\MySql' and run
  1. 01-CreatePortalTables.sql
  2. 02-InitializePortal.sql
  3. 03-CreateModules.sql

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